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Computers & Internet

The Library currently provides 30 computers and two scanners for teens and adults, four computers in The Square specifically for teens, and 15 computers for kids. Internet use is free for all library users. Minors will be allowed Internet access unless a parent or guardian signs the Internet Opt-Out form, which is available from either Information Desk. All Internet users must read and accept our Internet Policy and Rules for Use before using the Internet. Internet use is filtered; we ask that you avoid looking at materials that may be disruptive to other library users.

Software & Equipment

  • Most of our computers run Windows XP; some run Windows 7. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers are available. Microsoft Office 2007 (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Publisher) and GIMP (graphics editor) are installed on all computers.
  • Your files should be saved online or onto a personal storage device. CD-Rs and flash drives are available for purchase.
  • A limited amount of headphones are available in the adult computer area. Earbuds are available for purchase for $1.00. You may also use your own headphones.


  • Free wi-fi is available. Look for "Franklin Park Library" under available wi-fi networks. Our network uses 802.11n. Wi-fi use falls under the same rules as our Internet Policy. Access is available throughout the Library, but there may be spots of weak connectivity.
  • Our three Laptop Areas offer multiple electrical outlets for easy charging while you work. The Square also offers an area for teens to work and charge their own devices.


  • Color printing is 50 cents per page. Black and white printing is 10 cents per page.
  • Wireless Printing - Print virtually any document or web page from your home computer, wi-fi enabled phone, tablet, or laptop to our library printers. Documents will automatically be deleted after three hours.

Tech Training

Interested in learning more about technology? Find out more about our tech training.

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