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Good Books to Read - February 2014

Every day, librarians here at the Franklin Park Library and nationwide evaluate book reviews and select upcoming titles for our collections. Our collective expertise is now harnessed into LibraryReads, a monthly list of the top ten books that librarians across the country love. View the February 2014 LibraryReads List, and then explore previous lists for more good books to read.

Free copies of the February 2014 list are available at the Info Desk. If you see a title that we don't own yet, please let us know.

Looking For Legos

Do you have any Lego or Duplo blocks you would like to donate to our collection? If so, bring them to our Kids Crossing Desk, and we'll gladly add them to our growing Lego collection.

Want to see what we are doing with all these Legos? Kids age 4 years old and up are invited to come build with us at Lego Club, which is on Thursdays evenings twice a month. Lego Club will meet on 2/13 from 6 - 7PM.

The Truth About Truman School by Dori Hillestad Butler

Reviewed by Adrian C., 6th grader at Mannheim Middle School.

Imagine getting bullied by the whole school and everyone hating you. Would you run away or would you stand up for yourself? Would you get sad or depressed or even hide from humanity?

he Truth About Truman School is by Dori Hillstad Butler. This book is about a couple of teens that make a secret school website (Zebby and Amr) and everything goes horribly wrong. At first the website was for writing about your middle school experiences. A couple days later people turned it into a real gossip site all targeting one girl, Lilly. Lilly is the most popular girl in Truman School. But then she turned into the most unpopular girl within days.

Lilly's friends are responsible for a lot of the bullying but they are not really the only cyber bullies bullying Lilly. How would you feel if your trusted friends bullied you and you didn't know it because of a putrid screen name online? That's exactly what happens to Lilly. Just because it’s online doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to. People had a big aversion to Lilly and the popular group. But you will find out Lilly deserves it for being mean to others.

When I started to read this book I thought to myself "What a boring book this is going to be." When I got further into the story and the plot, then I thought "Oh this is going to be a good book." This was a good book, yet it was also sad. The bullies were being snide.

The Truth About Truman School is one of the most unique books I’ve ever read. It's just one of those books that gets you reeled in and ready to read. You will laugh and maybe even cry but the book isn't that sad and emotional! This is a must read.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a time that they get bullied themselves or that even have experienced bullying. It also teaches you about why bullying is bad and what happens when it happens to someone.

Drive-By by Lynne Ewing

Reviewed by Diego R., 6th grader at Mannheim Middle School.

BAM, BAM!!! Just imagine that seeing your brother getting gun down by a group of gangbangers. Ask yourself what did he do to deserve this, he couldn't have been a gangbanger or could he? This is one of the problems Tito has to face in this action-packed book called Drive By.

The main character is Tito. Tito has been through a lot of thing first his brother was killed by some gangbangers not so much later after Jimmy's funeral Tito got to his house from school and then bam there started a drive by shooting but just in time Gus saved Tito.

Then Tito had to move to Miss Washington's house. One night he heard something in the backyard so he went it was his friend gus he told him if they wanted to hang out. Tito said he would hang out if he didn't have to join a gang. Then they went but when he got there gus was with some gangbangers. So they said that they killed him because he was skimming through their drug money but it was so he could help his mom maintain the family. But still if is it not payed back Tito will pay with his life.

I felt sad when Jimmy died because he is as nice as a new born baby. I think he shouldn't have died. I think its a little harsh to waste a life for some money.plus Jimmy still had a family to maintain. It was also sad how everyone was crying for Jimmy to come back. if I lost my brother I would always have something missing in my heart.

It was also suspenseful because so many times he almost gets caught by a group of gangbangers wouldn't it be scary and suspenseful if you almost got caught by a group of gangbangers. also he has to pay the drug money Jimmy stole or else...I think that was a pretty suspenseful part.

I recommend this book to people who like action and suspense because it is packed with both of them.There is a combination of both of them. They are action and suspense parts all around the book. That is why I recommend this book to all action and suspense lovers everywhere.

Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff

Reviewed by Nathan A., 6th grader at Mannheim Middle School.

Can you think of an environment where you're traveling from foster parent to foster parent and none of them like you? Where you always run away from them only to be found by the authorities again? No friends, no fun, and a feeling that you'll never be happy again? Well, that's the life of Hollis Woods, the main character in the amazing and action-packed book Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff. This is a book about a girl who has no family and everyone hates her. They think she's a mountain of trouble. But she meets one of the only foster parents she'll ever like and want to stay with. I'm absolutely positive that Pictures of Hollis Woods will make you feel happier than you've ever been in your life!

In Pictures of Hollis Woods, Hollis meets Josie Cahill, an older artist who is great with foster kids. So the authorities think they should put Hollis there. As it turns out, she likes Josie. Josie is the only person who's been nice to her since the Regan family. Hollis felt like she'd never ever be this happy again in her life. Josie, it seems, likes her too and takes care of her, but the Social Services don't want Hollis to live with Josie. If they move her, Josie will be living alone (except for her cat Henry) and they will move Josie away as well. Her cousin Beatrice went to California to have a fun vacation, so Hollis has no help from anyone else. So in the winter, as it gets closer to Christmas and school is out, Hollis takes Josie and Henry to the Regan’0s summer house, the one she used to live in.

As Josie starts to get older, she starts to forget things. She's clueless why they moved to the Regan's house and doesn't understand that the Social Services are on the hunt for them. Hollis is doing her best to look out for her and Josie, and just have a wonderful Christmas that she has ever had before. Hollis wishes that she could go back in time and redo the wrong things she did so that she didn't have to mess up the Regan family like she thinks she did. She just wants to be happy again and have some people who truly love her. What can she do, besides just go through the motions?

Pictures of Hollis Woods was a fantastic book that was emotional in many ways. I was wondering what would happen next at the end of each chapter, trying to predict what would happen next. It felt like I was on a roller coaster falling off a cliff. Pictures of Hollis Woods is a depressing tale of a girl who was all alone until a foster parent named Josie came into her life. I wonder how someone would feel if they had the life of Hollis Woods. It's unimaginable how a twelve-year-old girl could be so alone!

If I could go back in time and read Pictures of Hollis Woods again, I would. It's that great. It made me feel so grateful for having the family and friends that I have right now. I don't think I could have cried, but it was still sad, but all stories have a great ending, don't they? I thought it would be boring at first, but it turned out to be more action-packed than I thought. Who could imagine someone who has no friends, no family, and everyone hates that person? The joy of reading Pictures of Hollis Woods was unbelieveable. I couldn't stop reading it until it was done! Patricia Reilly Giff has created an unforgettable book to read!
I would probably recommend Pictures of Hollis Woods for someone who likes to read books about family and about people who are troublemakers, who mess up everything they do. But I really think Pictures of Hollis Woods could be for anyone looking for a good book. So consider the possibility and have a great time reading!

AARP Tax Help Is Here

Volunteers from AARP Foundation Tax-Aide are returning to the Library to help prepare income taxes for seniors.

Appointments are on Thursday mornings, starting on February 6 and running through April 10, 2014.

To make your appointment, call 847-455-6016 ext. 2 or come to the Info Desk.

New Museum Added to Museum Adventure Pass Program

A new year brings a new museum, the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art, to our Museum Adventure Pass Program. People of all ages enjoy this exceptional museum dedicated to sharing with others the beauty of gemstones and promoting the study of earth science. The museum is located in Elmhurst, and it houses a large collection of Chinese jade and other hard-stone carvings. Other displays include animal dioramas, mineral specimens, gemstones and geologic phenomena. Learn more about the museum on their website.

View information about our Museum Adventure Pass Program, which offers Franklin Park Library card holders discounted admission and other offers to a variety of attractions in the Chicagoland area.

Good Books to Read During January

Every day, librarians here at the Franklin Park Library and nationwide evaluate book reviews and select soon-to-be-published titles for our collections. Our expertise is now harnessed into LibraryReads, a monthly list of the top ten books librarians across the country love. View the January 2014 LibraryReads List, and then take a look at previous lists for more good books to read.

Free copies of the January 2014 list are also available at the Info Desk. If you see a title on the LibraryReads list that we don't own yet, please let us know.

Change in Collections Policy

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Returns Reminder

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In order for your account to be properly credited for a payment of fines or other fees, all payments should be made in person at the Circulation Desk. Thank you!


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