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Digging for the Truth by Josh Bernstein

This book is based on the History channel's show with the same name. Josh Bernstein is the book's author and the show's host; he is kind of a young Indiana Jones. The book, after giving a little biography of Josh, follows the first season of the show. It covers everything from who built the pyramids; to the Holy Grail; to the Ark of the Covenant; to Easter Island; to mysteries of the Mayans; and to the Nasca Lines. It's is very well written. After you read it, watch the show and the journey will be complete.

Submitted by: Teresa Seed

Bitter Sweet by LaVyrle Spencer

A recently widowed woman at loose ends moves back to her hometown and reunites with her high school sweetheart. Her now college daughter finds new friendship with her mom. The widow's father finds the courage to leave his demanding wife of many years.

Some parts are bitter and some parts are sweet just as the title implies. Truly a "chick" story!

Submitted by: Mary Ann O'Donnell

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger, by Maggie Stiefvater, is the second part of the story of Same and Grace. In the first book, Shiver, we are introduced to all the main characters: Grace, Sam, Isabella, Olivia, and Back. In Linger, we meet Cole St. Clair and Victor.

When Grace in nine years old, she is bitten by a wolf in the woods right outside her house -- in her back yard. This incident leaves Grace with a fascination, almost obsession, with the wolves that haunt her woods. Now Gracfe is a high school senior. Her parents are very self-involved people who barely resemble adults. However, Grace has never changed into a wold. Why? Is there are "cure" for being bitten by a wolf and not turning into one?

In Linger, we learn the reason why Grace never changed into a wolf. However, Grace is desperately ill and nobody knows why. Does her illness have something to do with her being bitten and transforming? What will happen to Grace? Read and find out.

Submitted by: Teresa Seed

Daddy by Danielle Steel

This is a story about a father's love for his three children after his wife of 18 years leaves him to find a new life for herself. In his third try, after many hurdles, he finds true love.

Submitted by: Mary Ann O'Donnell

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Beastly is the story of Kyle Kingsbury -- gorgeous, rich, and the son of a famous anchorman. He is also cruel, mean, vain, and selfish.

This is a classic tale of beauty and beast. After insulting a witch, she places a curse on him, transforming him into a beast. Can he ever overcome his "beastliness" to find love in time?

Alex Flinn takes classic fairy tales and puts a modern and fresh outlook on them; her books are well written and entertaining. I am not saying she recreates the tales to where they are unpredictable and a different story all together, but that is not what she is trying to do. In my opinion, she is trying to take a classic and put a modern and fresh outlook on them, and that's what she does well.

Submitted by: Teresa Seed

Born of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is one of those times that I'm tempted to hold onto it an extra week. I read it last night -- cried all over it -- and want to read it again. Alas, it's due back today *groan*!

I have always loved Sherrilyn Kenyon's works, but this time (as with her earlier novel Acheron) she pulled out ALL the stops. This one is a roller coaster. And just when you think the characters are emotionally and physically safe, the roller coaster car starts climbing another hill.

The story, essentially, is about what happens when people keep secrets from each other ("I was going to tell you later" sound familiar to anyone?) and how much havoc can be caused in such a situation, especially when an armed rebellion gets involved. While everything (MOSTLY) works out, it's a very close thing.

Submitted by: Susan L. Rock

Love in the Mist by Cheryl McGonigle

A love story with a twist, this story takes place in Manatauk Island, Maine. The island, with no phones, no electric, nor other amenities, is home to nesting cormorants. The couple become lovers as they work to stop a rich man from constructing a gigantic vacation home, threatening the destruction of a historical stone house -- not to mention the birds' nesting place. Once again, love's forces work in an attempt to save the island. Exciting and romantic!

Submitted by: Mary Ann O'Donnell

A Night Like This by Julia Quinn

This tale is a Regency Romance novel, and while it is a perfectly good stand-alone novel, there are enough "walk-ons" by Julia's continuing characters that the text will seem richer if you have been following this author's Bridgerton series.

That being said, I rather liked this plot. Two characters -- both having to avoid certain other "Ton Society" members -- meet. And while they are falling in love among various dangerous incidences, each thinks that the danger comes from THEIR enemy (while the reader knows it could be the enemy of either one at work). A nice romp for an afternoon.

Submitted by: Susan L. Rock

The Memory of Blood by Christopher Fowler

Like funny novels, creepy puppets, eccentric police, and all things British? Then this novel, part of the Bryant and May series, is for you!

Submitted by: D'Arcy Mies

Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh

I have been a fan of this series ever since the first book Slave To Sensation, but unless you have read at least SOME of the books in this series, don't start with this one. Just to get you up to speed you'll need at LEAST Slave to Sensation and Kiss Of Snow.

That said, I liked this one a great deal, with it's interweaving plot -- but describing it would take 14 pages just for the series history!

Submitted by: Susan L. Rock


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